Anyone can participate in and can lead a core activity.  All are welcome and encouraged to participate in as many of the activities that you can manage.

Worship, Prayer and Devotionals


Each Baha’i takes time every day to pray, read from scripture, meditate, and reflect on how to translate Baha’i teachings into action. There is no clergy or priesthood in the Baha’i Faith. Each person is responsible for his or her own relationship with God and spiritual development. - https://www.bahai.us/

In our local community we currently host biweekly devotionals that are conducted virtually due to the current conditions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The devotionals are informal, respectful and include readings from the Baha'i Faith as well as other faiths such as the Christian, Islamic, and Buddhist Faiths to bring all people together in worship. The gatherings also serve as a foundation for discussion and community growth. 

Children's Class


Bahá’ís see the young as the most precious treasure a community can have. In our community the aim of children’s classes is to teach all children spiritual virtues from a Bahá’í perspective.  These classes are open to all children ages 5-11 no matter their religion and or faith practice.

Study Circles


Study circles are a groups that meet regularly to study course materials which include passages from the Bahá’í writings on specific themes. These themes when considered in the proper light, address the core of the worlds problems by strengthening the inner character of the participants and empowering them to carry out acts of service.

Youth Empowerment Program


The aim of the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program is to empower youth, around the ages 12-15, to strive for excellence in everything they do and to contribute to the betterment of their community through acts of service.
The junior youth analyze the constructive and destructive forces that
influence their society and use that analysis to develop their own moral structure; and to create for themselves a brighter, more optimistic view of life and the world around them. They are empowered to realize that they can make an impact in their community by developing their power of expression so that they can clearly share their ideas with confidence and
meaningful action.

What is Spiritual Empowerment?

It is a  Baha’i inspired program which increases the capacity of individuals to make moral choices and translate them into action. Spiritual empowerment program helps the junior youth to identify the positive qualities within each other and helps them to strengthen their own qualities such as love, truthfulness, patience, hope, and respect. Additionally, they develop the ability to see right from wrong, and justice from injustice.

The Curriculum for the Youth Empowerment Program includes a series of books that have been developed to create a setting where young people can discuss ideas and form a strong moral identity.  The books assist the junior youth in developing and honing their language and communication skills as well as expanding their understanding of mathematical concepts and social issues.  In addition to the books read the youth are encouraged to plan and create service projects for the betterment of their community.  They accomplish this by assessing the needs of their community, creating the plan and then carrying it out.  

Junior youth are also involved in other activities that aid in the strengthening of their ability to build long lasting relationships and further develop their social skills; activities such as

  • Arts and Craft projects

  • Drama/skits

  • Recreational games and sports

  • Field trips and outings

  • Music